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Do you enjoy chewing the occasional, or frequent, piece of gum? It may come as a surprise to you that certain varieties of gum are actually good for your smile. That’s right! Sugar-free gum can benefit your smile in several ways. Our dentist and team are happy to educate you on the advantages of sugarless gum.

Increase Saliva Flow
Dry mouth means that there is not enough saliva flow in the mouth. This can lead to issues like difficulty eating, swallowing or speaking. Dry mouth may occur for several reasons, including certain medications. Chewing gum causes an increased saliva flow, and thus relieve these discomforts.

Preventing Tooth Decay
Saliva is the mouth’s natural cleaner. Saliva helps wash way bacteria and food particles that could cause tooth decay. Saliva includes nutrients like calcium and fluoride, which can help strengthen the tooth enamel. Chewing sugar-free gum for just 20 minutes after meals can help reduce tooth decay. However, do not fall under the delusion that chewing sugarless gum can replace brushing and flossing.

Fighting Bad Breath
Bad breath can be embarrassing, especially in social situations. Bad breath may be the result of something you ate or of a dental problem. The scent of minty, cinnamon or fruity sugar-free gums can temporarily cover bad breath.

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