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Good oral health is wonderful, but that doesn’t mean it will always last eternally. As people age, their mouths tend to fall faster and require more upkeep, jaw muscles weaken, taste buds become less receptive and the nerves in teeth shrink, making it harder to notice tooth pain or gum disease. If you’re elderly and visiting the dentist only infrequently, oral health difficulties may form and lead to irreparable harm before a dental professional can treat them.

Read over the following to get ideas on how you can improve and maintain your oral health:

-Brushing teeth twice daily is more crucial than ever. Because gums and teeth become harder to feel, you’ve got to be on your guard to ward off gum disease and tooth decay.

-Cavities are not just for kids! Adults get just as many (if not more) cavities than children, so ensure you’re flossing daily to remove bacteria-feeding, acid-creating leftovers from your teeth.

-Stay on your guard for signs of dry mouth. Many medicines can possibly lead to dry mouth.

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