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If you’ve had a front tooth knocked out or lost to a severe cavity the void in your smile can be embarrassing. The large gap can also alter the clarity of your speech and gradually cause the neighboring teeth to drift out of their natural alignment. Fortunately, Dr. Don Schiess can restore a missing front tooth with a dental implant.

The process starts with a minor oral surgery where Dr. Don Schiess will install a titanium abutment into the existing structure of the dental socket. The titanium material will gradually start to fuse with the surrounding bone tissues. This natural process of osseointegration will effectively replicate the root of the tooth. This will restore the sufficient strength needed for biting and chewing normal foods.

Once everything has healed, Dr. Don Schiess can start the process of fitting you for a porcelain dental crown. This special material can be specifically shaded to match the tooth enamel of the surrounding teeth in your smile. Once it’s been cemented in place it will appear to be one of your natural teeth.

If you live in the Medford, Oregon, area and you are missing one of your front teeth, you should call 541-773-4073 to schedule a dental implant consultation at Open Door Family Dentistry.