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We know how important your teeth are to you. We take our commitment to help protect your teeth very seriously. Unfortunately, life can offer circumstances which can threaten the welfare of your teeth. If you happen to have a tooth knocked out, you should be aware of the things you can do to help save the tooth and avoid having to use an implant in its place, if possible.

The first step you need to take in order to save your tooth is to find the tooth and rinse it off. Only hold the tooth by its crown and avoid touching the tooth by the root. To rinse the tooth off, use only lukewarm milk or water. If the tooth isn’t broken, you can try to re-insert the tooth back into its socket. If that doesn’t work, take steps to keep the tooth from drying out by storing it in lukewarm milk or in your cheek.

After that, make an appointment with Open Door Family Dentistry as soon as possible with Dr. Don Schiess in order to re-insert the tooth, or discuss replacement options for your tooth if that becomes necessary.

If you do need to have a replacement for your tooth, some options include: dental implants and dentures/partial dentures. During your appointment, you and your doctor can discuss which treatment is best for you. Call Open Door Family Dentistry in Medford, Oregon today in order to schedule an appointment.