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Dental fractures are often the unfortunate result of oral trauma. When a blow to the face or other oral accident carries enough force to damage a tooth, the symptoms can range, depending on the depth of the damage. The severity of the dental fracture will largely determine the necessary treatment methods advocated by Dr. Don Schiess.

A minor dental fracture that is limited to the tooth enamel can still come to harbor tooth decay. Sometimes the cracked tooth can be repaired with a simple filling or a dental crown.

Should the damaged tooth cause pain or heightened sensitivity, it likely means the crack has damaged some of the interior structures of the tooth. For a tooth in this condition, your dentist might need to perform a root canal. The tooth enamel layer can then be replaced by a dental crown.

If the damage is severe, the tooth might need to be extracted. Once your gums have healed, our dental specialists can help replace the tooth by either installing a dental bridge or a dental implant.

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