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You probably have a first aid kit in your home and car (or at least you should). Most workplaces have a first aid kit somewhere within easy reach. Most first aid kits contain things like bandages, gauze, aspirin and antiseptic, for cuts bruises and headaches. But from time to time, you may encounter a dental emergency, which is when a dental first aid will come in hand.

What should go in your dental first aid kit? Let’s start with the basics – a toothbrush and dental floss may come in handy for removing something stuck between the teeth. If you can’t easily see the damage to your tooth or mouth, you can use a dental mirror and a flashlight. Aspirin, ibuprofen, and a topical pain reliever will also be useful to alleviate any discomfort. Medical exam gloves can come in handy as well for keeping your mouth as clean as possible. Sterile gauze is useful for stopping any bleeding, and you may want to put a few tea bags in your kit since a moist tea bag also works. A little salt dissolved in water can help clean an oral injury and relieve pain. You may want to include a bottle of hydrogen peroxide. A cold pack can reduce swelling. You may lose a filling or crown. For a quick fix, try using a temporary filling, which can be purchased in stores, or dental wax. Vaseline may make it easier to slip a loose crown back into place.

Of course, the first thing you should do in a dental emergency is to call Open Door Family Dentistry at phone, and we will schedule you for an appointment as soon as possible. If you have questions about what should go into your dental first aid kit, our dentist in Medford, Oregon, Dr. Don Schiess will be happy to see you!