A Tooth That Is Missing a Dental Filling May Need a Dental Crown

When a dental filling falls out or becomes distressed, it is often the result of poor oral hygiene practices that have allowed acids to demineralize the surrounding tooth enamel. At the same time, individuals who grind their teeth while sleeping or who have a bad habit of chewing on foreign objects are also at increased… Read more »

Do You Suffer From Fever Blisters?

You may recognize fever blisters by their more common name–cold sores. They appear on or around your mouth and then turn crusty, and you can often foretell a fever blister by the tingling or burning sensation it causes before it appears. The cause of fever blisters is the herpes simplex virus (HSV-1 or HSV-2), and… Read more »

Cavities and You

One thing we are taught since we are young is to limit sugars so we don’t get cavities. But is sugar actually the culprit here? This is a very important question, for the more you know about cavities, the more prepared you are to combat them. The short answer to the question is: yes and… Read more »

Timely Treatment from a Dentist Can Help Treat Early Signs of Gingivitis

The periodontal inflammation of gingivitis is often heralded by gums that bleed easily, appear red, and possible chronic bad breath issues. It is often the result of the prolonged presence of hardened tartar near the gumline. If you are concerned about the health of your gums, you need to schedule a dental checkup with a… Read more »

Restorative Dentistry Can Enhance Your Smile’s Appearance with Dental Veneers

A healthy looking white smile can certainly bolster your self-confidence and possibly improve your social life. Unfortunately, as you start to grow older the luster of your smile can diminish as dental stains start to accumulate. If you’re not satisfied with your smile’s appearance, you should consider scheduling an appointment at Dr. ’s dental offices…. Read more »

Toothaches Can Sometimes Be Caused by Failing Dental Fillings

A modest size cavity, chip, or case of dental attrition can sometimes be treated with a dental filling. This repair will replace the compromised area with an alternate dental material like gold, dental grade porcelain, composite resin, or metallic amalgam. Going forward you will need to apply concerted effort toward maintaining good oral hygiene practices…. Read more »

Toothbrush Care

Your toothbrush plays a key role in your oral health. If you do not take care of your toothbrush, your teeth will not receive the proper care they need. Thankfully, caring for your toothbrush is easy. Here are some basic guidelines to follow: – Swap out your old toothbrush for a new one out every… Read more »

Dental Hygiene That Is Absolutely Spooktacular

The Fall season usually comes with lots of candy. With trick-or-treating approaching, it’s more important than ever to have “spooktacular” dental hygiene. Great oral hygiene can help protect the teeth from the acids that the mouth produces from sugar. Dr. and our team are happy to instruct you on how to “spooktacularly” care for your… Read more »

What Types of Toothpaste Are Available?

Toothpaste has come a long way since it was first mass produced. Toothpastes today are made to meet your every dental hygiene need and they come in a variety of flavors. However, because there are so many types of toothpaste available, it can be difficult to choose the right one for you or your family…. Read more »

Why You Need to Check for Dry Mouth

When you don’t have the proper amount of spit to keep your mouth moist, you may have a disease known as dry mouth. If you don’t have the right amount of saliva, easy tasks like chewing, swallowing and talking can become hard. But what’s more, having a dehydrated mouth can raise your risk of cavities… Read more »