What Types of Toothpaste Are Available?

Toothpaste has come a long way since it was first mass produced. Toothpastes today are made to meet your every dental hygiene need and they come in a variety of flavors. However, because there are so many types of toothpaste available, it can be difficult to choose the right one for you or your family…. Read more »

Why You Need to Check for Dry Mouth

When you don’t have the proper amount of spit to keep your mouth moist, you may have a disease known as dry mouth. If you don’t have the right amount of saliva, easy tasks like chewing, swallowing and talking can become hard. But what’s more, having a dehydrated mouth can raise your risk of cavities… Read more »

Dental Care and Aging

Good oral health is wonderful, but that doesn’t mean it will always last eternally. As people age, their mouths tend to fall faster and require more upkeep, jaw muscles weaken, taste buds become less receptive and the nerves in teeth shrink, making it harder to notice tooth pain or gum disease. If you’re elderly and… Read more »

Flossing Options

Cleaning in between our teeth is an important part of dental hygiene. Usually, this is done with dental floss, though other interdental cleaners may be used. Cleaning between your teeth helps remove a sticky material called plaque. Plaque contains bacteria that live on the leftover sugars and food particles in your mouth. The bacteria eat… Read more »

Smile Healthy Foods for Summer

Our oral health, just like our general health, starts with what we put inside our bodies! There are many delicious foods that will help keep your smile shining brightly through these hot summer days. Cheese: That delicious slab of cheddar cheese on top of that juicy burger may be just the ticket to great oral… Read more »

Aging and Taking Care of Your Dental Health

Avoiding oral health failure as you age commences by taking the necessary steps to ensure your teeth have the maximum chance to flourish. This includes removing any unpleasant habits from your daily life including smoking, drinking, and using drugs. Not only can they destroy your teeth and gums, but many dangerous habits can wreck your… Read more »

Teeth and Gums 101: Dental Crowns

Have you ever asked yourself what you can do to enhance your dental profile? If you have any weak or damaged teeth that fail to work as they are intended, do not worry, since dental crowns can restore a tooth’s lost functions. Dental crowns are durable shells that can be customized and modified to cover… Read more »

If You Are Missing a Front Tooth, It Can Be Replaced with a Dental Implant

If you’ve had a front tooth knocked out or lost to a severe cavity the void in your smile can be embarrassing. The large gap can also alter the clarity of your speech and gradually cause the neighboring teeth to drift out of their natural alignment. Fortunately, Dr. can restore a missing front tooth with… Read more »

A Toothache Needs Timely Treatment from a Dentist

A tooth that has been distressed by an untreated cavity or an oral trauma can cause significant symptoms. Sometimes heightened sensitivity can quickly give way to a toothache or a feeling of pressure and pain in the gums. In a situation like this, you should not procrastinate in seeking professional care from a dentist. At… Read more »

Dental Veneers Can Give You a White Smile That is Easy to Maintain

Chronic dental stains on the teeth in your smile can be embarrassing and can leave you feeling socially awkward. While a dental bleaching treatment at can certainly remove stains from your teeth, you will still need to make certain lifestyle changes to prevent future stains from developing. If you also have physical imperfections on one… Read more »